Devine Street Association Membership Information



The Devine Street Association is a not-for-profit organization designed to represent the interests of the Devine Street business community. The primary purpose of this organization is to sustain and further develop a thriving economy and to enhance our quality of life for both the businesses on the street and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Board of Directors (elected in September 2014) and support staff consists of:


DSA President
Marion Moses
Law Offices of Marion Moses
DSA Vice President
Grace Salter
700 Woodrow

DSA Secretary
Erin Nobles
Silver Spoon Bake Shop
DSA Treasurer
Dea Baughman
KD's treehouse
DSA Past President
Jackie Howie
Former Owner of Kicks
DSA Marketing Coordinator
Jennifer Suber
Your Event Staff


The DSA hopes to be your advocate for important issues such as:

  • Development / zoning issues
  • Promotion and marketing of the street as a whole
  • Relationships with city-wide and adjacent associations

Please consider membership in this very important and vibrant organization.

Memberships are $250 per year. Enrollment is February 1st and August 1st each year.

Should you wish to obtain membership information, please contact Jennifer Suber at (803) 608-6161.